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Q: What is the difference between Giving up and Giving up on ?
A: I think the sentence structure is usually:
" I'm giving up (verb)ing." or
" I'm giving up on (something).

For example you could say " I'm giving up exercising." or " I'm giving up on my job."
Q: What is the difference between Giving that and Considering that ?
A: “Given that” is the correct wording.

Both mean the same thing and introduce a fact or facts that are already known and prepare the reader for what is said next.

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Q: Giving to them for free does this sound natural?
A: @vz9002: Here is the thing, our company sell products to customers in China, sometimes, we received the require from customers to replace the parts, according to our maintenance policy, Some parts will be given for free, when we send it to customers, I will record the thing as Giving to ### company for free. Is that natural?

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