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    2. Nowadays, the paparazzi hardly take an “unexpected” photo of you, then it can be found a few seconds later on the media. If we pay closer attention to their contents, we notice that they don’t hesitate to reveal people’s secrets. Not only do they publish the media's confidential information, but they can also ruin someone’s life. Sometimes, it’s striking to see how much people are eager to learn “crunchy gossips” about you. As a matter of fact, they are ready to pay high amounts of money to “enter your life” and as long as they keep doing it, they will be provided with these personal details. So far, it has worked this way. We often hear about paparazzi who have been mugged by celebrities while taking shots of them. Personally, I agree with celebrities, since they can’t even spend moments with their relatives. As far as I’m concerned, I wouldn’t appreciate finding my face on tabloid headlines or being told that now the entire world knows about me being a couch potato on my days off. This would make me crazy. In a certain way, it would seem obvious that I become devoid of privacy and owing it to my fame.It was the last straw, when a friend of mine had admitted that he dreads going out for these reasons. Hence, it reflects badly on the media especially paparazzi who are considered as vermin. To put it in a nutshell, it’s imperative for media to stop behaving as they do now. Even though, people are dissatisfied with that idea. They had better respect people’s privacy, in order not to go from bad to worse. I have just edited your work a small amount, feel free to keep the copy I have made. I just changed some spelling and wording errors so it flows better to an English reader! :) I would probably give you around a C+ for this work in England which is about 13-15 on your scale. However I am not 100% sure how the French mark schemes work! :)

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    2. sometimes gossiping can be fun, but people can’t learn from it. or gossiping can be fun sometimes, but no one will learn from it.

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