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Q: What does Greater Boston mean?
A: Boston and the area surrounding the city.
Q: What does Greater mean?
A: It's means to be either bigger or bigger (in a big quantity). For example: Cristiano Ronaldo is greater than Neymar. (= better)
Q: What does Greater China mean?
A: I think it's Mainland China

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Q: Please show me example sentences with Greater independence .
A: University teaches people to have a greater independence

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Q: What is the difference between Greater and More and I haven't examples and just I don't understand ?
A: More/Fewer–1) If COUNTABLE (dogs, apartments, opportunities, agencies, people
More/Less–2) If COUNTABLE, but related to time, distance, or money OR if NOT-COUNTABLE (more water, the dress costs less that the cost)
Greater than/Less than–3) For BOTH COUNTABLE & NOT-COUNTABLE, if there is a comparison made between the LEVEL or DEGREE or NUMBER of something (8 is greater than 6; the water level of the river this year is greater than the last 3 years; I want to remodel this house by a much greater degree than my husband)

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