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Q: What does All Guns Blazing. mean?
A: Great expression!

This means to do something with all your energy, used mostly in reference to an angry sort of determination

"I made a mistake at work today and my boss came into my office all guns blazing, swearing at me, shouting, it was scary!"

"I went to my bosses office today to tell her I was quitting, all guns blazing, I told her exactly how I felt about her and then walked out."

I hope this helps!

Imagine someone running in with guns firing them everywhere - madness! The 'blazing' is the fire that comes from the bullet being shot.
It's like storming the castle, running in for the battle with all your energy!

Q: What does Guns for hands mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: What does Guns don't kill people; people do. mean?
A: It means that it's the person who is pulling the trigger that's killing the person, not the gun itself. The gun doesn't have the ability to kill if the human wasn't holding it. People who are against gun control will use this as an argument.
Hope this helps!

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Q: What is the difference between Guns to Gloves and Guns down, Gloves up ?
A: so a “flank” is the side section of the human or animal body between the lowest rib and the hip. An example of the flank is the side of a person, basically a few inches above the waistline.
So “flanks to fish” sounds like that you are getting into the water of maybe the sea or somewhere with fish in water. It can be related to people in the army/navy.
Q: What is the difference between 1. Guns are an easy target to blame by people who don't think people can control themselves. and 2. Guns are an easy target to be blamed by people who don't think people can control themselves. ?
A: The same thing👍

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Q: Guns are too heavy for children to wield properly. You should keep them away form your son. does this sound natural?
A: Nice work 👍
Q: This Guns N' Roses power ballad is the perfect way to ring in the month ahead.

What does 'ring in the month ahead' mean?
A: Ring in = To welcome/to celebrate an arrival
Q: Guns N' Roses, Evanescence, Ray Charles and Avril Lavigne. does this sound natural?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Guns N’ Roses tour in Japan starts from tomorrow! There’s a phrase on their official T-shirt, “Not In This Lifetime”. What does this mean? This means it never happens? If so, in what situation can I use this?
A: "Do you want to date me?" 😍
"Not in this lifetime..." 🤢

"When will we stop these awful wars?!" 😠
"Not in this lifetime..." 😕😞
Q: No Guns Allowed For Any Sake!! does this sound natural?
A: @nina23: No guns allowed under any circumstances!

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