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    2. Or: I made a guitar cover of Panama by Val Halen. This means you made a video of it. (Or just recorded the audio.)

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    2. Steven Spielberg directed this movie "Ready Player One" in 2018 adapted from a novel of the same name. It has a "standard" story line like other Hollywood movies, but is more "Cyberpunk" Our protagonist Wade Watts has a quest for the egg, he makes friends, finds his lover in this quest, and revolts against the villain in a VR game called OASIS. However,this movie's greatest trump card is its own "Easter Egg." When characters are finding the Egg, we are finding eggs hidden in the movie through many classic popular cultural refrences from the '80s including games, movies and music. Van Halen's song, the Atari game machine, famous movies such as "Back to the Future" and "Lost in Space" are a few examples. That is why its slight story did not affect the audience's feelings,you don't hate such a "hodgepodge",on the contrary you will marvel at this magical dream. When you see a Gundam is fighting with Machagodzilla, when you see game characters who you loved appear on the screen, it's hard to resist them, they are dreams in our minds.

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