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    2. “non denial denial” is when someone phrases their denial of something that they know is the truth in a way that plays with words and does not directly deny it. Like if I ask someone : “did you steal the money?”, and he replies : “Stealing money is an unethical thing to do and I condemn it with the strongest of words”. He didn’t deny he stole, but his wording gives the impression that he denies it. So it’s a non-denial denial. “On-the-record” is used when you truly mean what you say, and you want it to be remembered and you say it explicitly. Like someone who opposes a plan says : “I want to go on-the-record and say I completely oppose this plan”. “Outright” describes anything that is unquestionably what it is described. Like saying “fire will outright burn you”, there is no question about it, and it will completely do it. So, if something has to be denied because it is unquestionably (outright) false, press secretaries denied it explicitly (on-the-record), which are usually universally agreed upon unacceptable things, so they are easy to deny. When things were in an area they could play with words to keep things (especially reports about misconduct of Trump) unclear if it is ever to be uncovered later that it was true, they did the non-denial denial.

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    2. "Good faith" is an action where one does something first without being asked, to show that you trust the other person to do their thing. "I promise to invest in your company in a year from today. To show good faith, I'll give you half the money right now."

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    2. A "dust-up" is a phrase meaning a fight. When you fight, you kick dust all over. So there's a dust-up between the government parties. It's not a common phrase, the author used to sound fancy.

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