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    2. You speak very comfortably, I can tell that you're comfortable with English! :) Like said, homework is always singular. You would say "I'm too lazy to do IT, so I'm just going to delay IT". :) or perhaps something more colloquial, "I'm too lazy to do it, so I'm just going to hold off" Other than that, the only advice I'd give is to look out for "o" sounds. Your o in "home" sounds kind of like two sounds: ha-ome. Try to get rid of the "ah" and just get one sound, a long "o". The next "o" to look out for is in "do" when you say "homework to do". This sounds a bit like the French "u" as in "su" when I think you're looking for "ou" as in "tout". It sounds like there is a touch of an "e" in your o in "do" which comes out when you elongate it. The same thing happens very subtly in "too lazy". LASTLY your usage of "umm" and "I'm *just* gonna delay" really help to make you sound native. Your "umm" sounds a bit like "omm" but it's probably fine. If you want to work on it, try for more of a schwa for the "u" in umm :) Great work!!

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    2. Homework is uncountable. It's not possible to say "homeworks" Doing homework is really annoying

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