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    2. Something impossible to explain in words

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    2. Indescribable

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    2. It's very good overall with mistakes only being minor, well done! - 'which WAS produced in 2001' - 'One of the best-known Japanese animations, this masterpiece is the winner of an Oscar' - 'The story begins when' (no need for a comma here) - "the UNUSUAL land" - 'she and her parents HAD ARRIVED' - 'THE ADULTS,, under influence OF ENCHANTED FOOD, TURN into pigs' - 'Later, a complicated series of events occur' - 'A huge building' - 'UPON FIRST GLANCE Spirited Away seems a cheery tale with a childish yet moving plot' - "The movie raises awareness of important problems in Japanese society" - 'GROWING difference' - 'every kind of VIEWER' - 'Due to its particular combination of plotline and a hidden, important and grave meaning, it's an animation for both younger and older audiences." - 'it's a movie worth seeing for everyone'

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