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    2. 5340 = street number/block East Shadelane Avenue = street name Suite #16 = room#/suite# in building Indianapolis = city name Indiana = state name 46220 = US postal "zip" code

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    2. ‎My city and Carmel city in Indianapolis have had a relationship for a long time. Therefore, some of my city’s citizens are going to spend some time there. However, they are also looking for someone who knows Carmel very well. "spend time" goes with an activity, and is not usually associated with "staying". The last phrase also needs to be separated into another sentence.

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    2. I've decided on my short term goal. I'm going back to Indianapolis to see my friends from high school. By that time, I hope I'll be able to speak English quickly and correctly. I'm really happy that I've got a chance to visit.

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    2. perfect understanding :)

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    2. He basically convinced the business to stay by granting them leniencies on their business taxes. So his critics are saying okay he won a small victory, but he didn't really win he bribed them to stay.

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    2. ‎If you have children or nephews, have you ever thought that you'd want them to go abroad and learn about different cultures? However, you may also worry about their safety or education and so on. Don’t worry! I know the best city for your children. That city is…. Carmel city! Carmel city is in Indianapolis, which is located in the North of the United States. Today, I want to talk about 3 reasons why Carmel city is the best city for students. First, Carmel city is the safest places in the United States. According to newspapers, the number of criminals is much lower than any other city in the state. Therefore, please look at this paper, Carmel has been chosen as the best city to live in the United States! I think safety is enough reason for children to study abroad. But, there are more reasons! Second, Carmel city provides students with good education. For example, there are a variety of classes in each school in Carmel. You can learn many languages, such as Italian, German, and Japanese classes! How wonderful. Of course, they also learn about history or culture through language. In addition, the library provides many tutors to students when they need it. Sometimes follow-up classes are difficult, especially for foreign students. So, this system is very helpful all the time. By the way, this library was very beautiful and big when I was there. Third, Carmel is also relatively inexpensive, according to some survey, goods and services cost only about 90 cents on the dollar in Carmel compared to the national average. I think money is an issue that always bothers us, but you don't need to worry about it anymore! Fourth, they have a big shopping mall. So, you can get anything in just a few minute’s drive! How convenient is that! Please look at this picture. They have many kinds of food supplies, so if you want to cook some Japanese Food or Korean Food, it is much easier for Asian people to get some fresh Asian ingredients! Have you ever missed Japanese food, when you were in other countries? Udon, rice, some grilled fish…and so on. But, you don't have to worry about it anymore. Finally, There are a few Japanese people. If students need some help, you can ask them. However, the place is so big that you really can meet some Japanese people in the city. So, it is good for students who want to study English! How wonderful is that! So when your children are old enough to go abroad, please check Carmel city, I am sure they'll enjoy their school life in the united states not only in education, but also in being able to hang out with some kind American friends. Those memories would last forever in their hearts! In my opinion, there is no better city to live in the United States than Carmel, Indiana.

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    2. Yes, that is the modern usage of "doppelganger". The original meaning is more mystical, and refers to a ghost that looks just like a living person. Heart condition = heart disease.

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