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    2. "To insist" is to firmly request. Example: "Voldemort insisted Harry come alone to the Forbidden Forest." "To parallel" is to run alongside, or coincide, with something evenly without them ever meeting. Example: "The road ran parallel to the highway, but they never met." I hope this helps!

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    2. I know you don't want to do it, but I am going to have to insist on it. If you insist on doing it, then I will help you. It's a bad idea to insist on such a high salary. Nobody will hire you. I wish you wouldn't insist on Hillary doing it. I could do it for you. Note: in the last example Hillary is not the object of the sentence; the idea of "Hillary doing it" is the object. You can't "insist to somebody".

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    2. Insist means that you demand something to be done. Urge is more of a recommendation. "The boss insist on a new chair" "I urged that we get a new chair for the boss, but I was ignored" P.S. Urge is also a lighter term the insist.

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    2. You INSIST on something. I insist that you keep it! (I want you to keep it) I insist that you stay the night. (I want you to stay the night.) You PERSIST on doing something against all odds He persisted through everything that's been thrown at him. He persisted through cancer and now he's finally cured.

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