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Q: What does Is it hot in here or is it just you? mean?
A: If it's phrased that way then yes it would be word play on being sexy

It's also said "Is it hot in here or is it just me" which can be said when trying to lighten an uncomfortable or awkward situation
Q: What does Is there any way I can get a plus three? mean?
A: Plus one means you are bringing one person with you but plus three the man wants to bring 3 people
Q: What does Is anybody out there? mean?
A: "Is anyone out there?"

Anyone and anybody mean the same thing and can be use interchangeably. As "any one" or "any body" would make sense.

However "anyone" is a little more formally used.
Q: What does "Is that so?" mean?
A: It's synonymous with "Really?", "For real?" or "Is that really true?"

It indicates you are surprised by a fact/statement or you find it hard to believe. Example:
A: "This painting is worth over $1 Million dollars
B: "Is that so? Wow!"

The expression can be used both sincerely and sarcastically.

When used sarcastically it implies that you are surprised the person is even claiming the fact to be true because it is literally unbelievable or you clearly do not think it's true.

A: "I can jump over a car"
B: "Is that so? Well... I'll have to see that before I believe it"
Q: What does What of it? (Is there any particular crime in your buck teeth?) mean?
A: "What of it?" means "who cares?", "it's nothing", "what does it matter?", "it's no big deal".

Example sentences using "Is"

Q: Please show me example sentences with Is it okay.
A: Is it okay to sit beside you?
Is it okay if I call you later?
Is it okay eating while working?
Q: Please show me example sentences with Is there anything like "was use/used to"? How can we make past the "get used to"? .
A: to get used to - got used to

He didn't like the city before, but he got used to it.

to be used to - was used to

She treated him badly, but he was used to it.
Q: Please show me example sentences with Is there any situation I can use these chunks of words " "do volleyball"/ "do french / "do judo" / "do ballet"?.
A: I think it's more common to say "play volleyball" "practice/speak French" "practice Judo" or "practice ballet" than "do" for any of these.
Q: Please show me example sentences with Is there ~.
A: Is there a doctor in the house?
Is there a reason why you are so crabby?
Is there any milk left?
Q: Please show me example sentences with cherry-pick. Is it means"choose something carefully"?.
A: @Mariamisme: Not really.

It's rare to hear someone use the term 'cherry-pick' because most people would just use 'pick' or something else.

Synonyms of "Is" and their differences

Q: What is the difference between Is there something to eat? and Is there anything to eat? ?
A: No difference, you can use both.
Q: What is the difference between Is there any way I can help? and Can I help you with something? ?
A: They could be used interchangeably, but one may fit better than the other in specific situations.

If someone looks lost (holding a map, turning it around etc), a passerby could say"can I help you with something?" But "is there any way I can help?" would work as well.

If a friend is in a very difficult situation, you would ask "is there any way I can help?" implying that you are ready to offer a lot to help. "Can I help you with something?" works also, but the first one suggests more dedication.
Q: What is the difference between Is it gonna be raining tomorrow? and Is it gonna rain tomorrow? ?
A: Almost the exact same thing! Except the first one sounds like "all day", and the second sounds like a shower.
Q: What is the difference between Is Harry bringing anyone to the wedding? and Will Harry bring anyone to the wedding? ?
A: They are the same, just different ways of wording it :)
Q: What is the difference between Is this your pen? and This is your pen? ?
A: "Is this your pen?" is something I would ask people if I found a pen on the floor at work or school.

If I had found the pen and kept it for my own use, someone would eventually come up to me and say "Hey, that's mine!", to which I would respond "Oh, this is /your/ pen??"

To me, "Is this your pen?" is a seemingly harmless question, while "This is your pen?" is something I would say if I unknowingly took someone else's pen and they confronted me for doing so.

Hope this helped!

Translations of "Is"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Is that is a ugly cat
A: "is that an ugly cat"
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? 窓から顔を出して、外でバーベキューをしている人がいるかどうか見てもらえますか?

Is it natural to say, “Could you take a look out of the window if there is someone doing barbecue?”

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Is it correct to ask 'where have you taken this photo?'
A: I think you mean, “Where did you take this photo?” Or a little more formally, “where was this photo taken?”
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Is it correct to say “stop buttering me up, you are not going to get out of your time-out”?
A: yes, this sounds correct
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Is it correct to say “ you are cracking up” ( te estás partiendo de risa)?
A: Yes, correct.

Other questions about "Is"

Q: Is it common the combination "something fair" such as book fair, job fair, etc?
A: yes it is, in my school there's also club fair, college fair, volunteer fair, etc
Q: Is there any error?

My life would be so much better if only I had answered the phone that day, but I didn't and now it's too late.
It was Thursday evening. I had just got home when I found a letter on the doormat.
“To Katie”. No sender written.
It didn’t seem so suspicious, so I picked it up.
Out of curiosity, I decided to read it. It said: “I miss you.”
I unlocked the door while getting a call, but I didn’t answer because of the doorbell ringing.
I looked outside and saw a person.
“Excuse me... who are you?” I went out.
“You know her.”
“Her name was Katie. She was important for me.”
“I’m sorry, I think you got the wrong person...”
“I need her in my life” she hugged me.
“She is you.”

Days after I found out that that strange girl had mental illness. She thought of me as “her Katie” and I got moved. I became her friend.
That was the worst decision I could make.
She dragged me down with her illness.
If only I had answered that warning call... today I wouldn’t feel this way.
A: It’s really good.

I would only change these things:

1. “Her name was Katie. She was important to me.” (Not “for me”.)

2. “I need her in my life.” She hugged me.
“She is you.” (Formatting.)

3. “She thought of me as “her Katie” and I was moved.” (Not “got moved”.)

I hope this helps!
Q: Is it natural to say “Pleasure!” after someone says “Thank you.”?
A: Not really, a better response to thank you would be ‘You’re Welcome!’ Or ‘It was no problem!’. You could use ‘Pleasure’ when meeting someone for the first time for example ‘It was a pleasure meeting you’ although this sounds very formal. Another use of ‘Pleasure’ could be a response to ‘It was nice to meet you’ which you could say ‘It was my pleasure!’ Which sounds more natural.
Hope this helped :)
Q: Is the ward 'megazord' common norm ?
A: Not at all
Q: Is 'What I like mostly' more natural or 'What I mostly like' more natural?
A: What I mostly like is more natural

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