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    2. i must correct your sentence. " I want to SPEAK English Fluently"

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    2. Hey guys! It's raining in my country - Hanoi. Pouring rain, but i love it cause the weather in the daytime is so bad, really hottt 🌞🌞 Certainly, it makes me dog-tired, worn out and makes me feel like i'm melting :< I actually don't like the heat of summer because the sun is burning hot and... the result is my skin :< it burned in the bright sun T.T and blackened. But, i don't hate Summer except the hot, high temperature and the obsession when i need to go out in summer. I don't really like it 🐥 Above all things i don't like in summer as i told you, everything else i totally love summer! Cuz of all the amazing, stunning, good activities, relaxation, beach and summer camp!!!! Greattt !! Tomorrow its time to beginning my summer vacation! Since tomorrow, i don't need to go to school and just playyy hahaha. Awesome!! Hey, i'm currently so curious about your vacation, life in your country, what are you doing, what movie, book, novel, the kind of music, your idol you like and everything about you and your adorable pet 🐶🐶 ( i really love pets - they are so cute ). Share somethings about you and your life with me if you can, i always readily listen (read) what you're telling me!

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