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    2. Chains become more expensive as they get longer and thicker. For example, if your mother wears a necklace, it is likely that it is a smaller, shorter chain that merely rests on her neck. Let's say this modest, common-style costs $300. To further the example: The chains that Jibbs wears hang much lower, and are thicker than your moms necklace. Therefore they must be more expensive to produce and purchase. If the accessory is 3*Length and 3*Thickness, we can say Jibbs' chain costs $2700. [= (300*3)*3] So, the longer and thicker an artist's chains are the more money, status, or power the artist is trying to display. Furthermore, the number of long chains also presents more wealth. (five $2700 chains vs. one $2700 chain) TL;DR: Big, long chain == Wealthy, successful rapper (at least in appearance ;) ) Hope that helps.

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