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    2. I hope this helps. :) Through this class, I learnt that the current condition about the agricultural automation in Japan -- comparing to that of foreign countries, I have been interested in the agricultural automation because it could reduce farmer's burden. To be more specific, I feel sorry for my grandparents who are farmers; when I see their hard work in spite that they are over 80 years old. Also, my mother nowadays helps them and works really hard instead of them even though she has many things to do. To be honest, I have been really anxious about them. In the class, I especially got interested in two topics. Firstly, the man-machine interface rescue technology made me surprised. I found out that it would provide safer operation. The security is really important. Especially in Japan where famer’s aging problem is serious. I am also concerned about my parents and grandparents because there are some dangerous tasks. Sometimes, I also hear sad news that farmer lose their life because of accidents during farm works. Therefore, I hope these recent progresses in agricultural automation will make a safer environment for farmers.This topic will show much potential in terms of making farm work easier and safer. Secondly, I got interested in KSAS system from KUBOTA. It looks really efficient if they need to manage huge data about their own farm and if they would hire someone. In addition, it helps them process knowledge or date easily. I realized that it is a problem, in which, the present main famer who is composed of older people do not have sufficient opportunity to teach and grow their successor. From this view, I thought this system is effective. However, I understood that there are problems as well in this system through the class, such as digital data security or privacy problem, the cost and tax problem. I also found out that introducing new system or machinery is still really difficult. Even if certain technology looks helpful. In conclusion, I hope these technologies of agricultural automation improves more. And if these systems and machines could be introduced in lower cost, it would make much benefits and safety, which hopefully leads to solution of a decline in agriculture.

    1. Other types of questions
    2. thank you so much !

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