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    2. Last Saturday, me and my friends, the four of us visited our friends who are living in Niimi. We made an appointment on last Wednesday. So on Saturday morning, I got up early to decide what I should buy as a gift for my friend's daughter who is ten-months-old. As the baby is a girl, maybe she needs some clothes I thought. But I've never bought clothes for a girl. The other three of my friends, two of them are couple, the other one is a girl. I don't have any sense of style, especially when it comes to girls clothes. I also panned to buy her a toy, as I thought of the baby is a girl, I felt ... I couldn't tackle this kind of difficulty. Although, I struggled with this for about two hours, I gave it up at last. I took the train to the Kitanagase station . While I was waiting for my friend to pick me up, I went to the supermarket and bought so fruit there. But after I came back from my friend's home I realized that I made a mistake. Because love the person he love makes you relationship get closer. But as we are good friend I think they understand me. We drove about 1h40min to get to their home, they made a big meal for us, we drank and laughed cheerfully. And we took lots of photos with the cute and somewhat scared baby girl. Usually there’s just a couple of my friend at home. But this time we have six. My couple of friends said that they love Okayama, and they feel lonely in Niimi. We also made an appointment to go to Hot Spring.

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