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    2. My hometown is Tottori prefecture. It is in western Japan, north of Hiroshima, and the lowest population in Japan. Tottori is famous for sand dunes, pears, and manga. Konan is the comic about a child detective. Kitaro is the story about monster creatures. Both of their authors were born in Tottori prefecture. The father of Naruto's writer and my uncle are childhood friends. He asked Naruto's writer to give me an autograph when the first edition went public. Tottori is filled with delicious foods, especially fish. I have a favorite curry restaurant there. I go there every time when I have the chance to go home. It takes 3 hours by driving from Hiroshima. I heard someone was going to Tottori from Hiroshima only for the purpose of that curry restaurant. Actually, it is just that great! My wife grew up in Tokyo, the highest population prefecture in Japan. We met each other during university. Sometimes, it is tough to adjust our customs to each other, but so far, we are having a good relationship.

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