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    2. I’m from Wakayama, Japan. Wakayama is famous for oranges, tuna, whales and plums. Also Wakayama has a lot of tourist spots, like Koyasan, Kumanokodo and Adventure-world that has many pandas. Wakayama is near the Kansai airport and it's a warm place. Also, Wakayama is the place where Anesthetic was developed by Dr.Seishu for the first time in the world. There were a few minor mistakes but everything else was great. Your English is really good! ~

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    2. Please check my sentence.( : I arrived at Koyasan after walking for 3 hours. Koyasan is a sacred place for Shingonshu, Buddhism. First, I wanted go to Okunoin to pray, but I was so hungry… I tried to eat the Shojin dish(they don’t use meats, eggs or seafoods) that is famous in Koyasan. Me: Excuse me. Could you please tell me restaurants that have delicious Shoujin dishes in their menu? Guide staff: OK/Alright. I recommend these 3 restaurants. Me: I see. Which restaurant is the best, out of the three? Guide staff: Well, I recommend this one. You’ll be able to have delicious food there. Me: Oh, thanks! I’ll go there soon. I went to the restaurant that the guide staff recommended, and I noticed that it was a Japanese traditional building. There were many kinds of dishes there, but I ordered an authentic/traditional one. The Shojin dish uses only vegetables, mushrooms, fruits and grains, so I was looking forward to eating it.

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    2. I ordered Shojin dish. Shojin dish is usually for monks but we are allowed to eat it. It is made with mushrooms, seaweeds and fruits so it is vegetarian. It is nutritious so I would like to make it at home. After lunch I went to pray at Okunoin, Koyasan. There were many graves which belong to Japanese heroes and the emperors family. It is a great place. I went down Koyasan until sunset, and I stayed at my friends home near Koyasan’s foot. I am going Nara tomorrow so I will rest. (I made some changes in vocabulary for you so the "past tense" is more clear in the sentences.)

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