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    2. I am a twitch User and all these answers are completely wrong lol. NA LUL. NA = North America. you see this often in twitch chat usually when a esport or professional gamer from North America region does something stupid and the chat start spamming NA LUL. NA professional gamer are know to make dumb decision and are seen inferior to other Regions. LUL is basically a variant of LOL but gaming terms. LOL in gaming is short for League Of Legends which is a Moba and the fans of the competition which is dota the rival of LOL dont like to use LOL in chat when want to say Laughing out Loud because is mistaken for League Of Legends. So when they want to say Laughing Out Loud in chat instead of using LOL they use LUL instead. LUL is derived from LOL from the Dota MOba gaming community. In conclusion NA LUL is making fun or mocking North American esports gamer. Now you can confidently Type in NA LUL when your favorite North American epsort team/player does something stupid in twitch chat and now what it means.

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    2. Really??! I’ve literally never heard it before. Is there a link a can watch it so I can see what it might mean?

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    2. “LUL” is just a different way to say “LOL” but the meaning is the same. LOL means: Lots Of Laughs.

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    2. Same thing. LOL - laugh out loud LUL - what "lol" sounds like when you try to pronounce "lol"

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    2. lol -laugh out laud or can also be league of legends (LuL **this one is sounds like ur making fun pronouncing LoL) 😅😆

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    2. lul or lol the video game?

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