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Q: I was playing with lego. I was non-verbal autistic kid. One minuets I was very calm in the room filled in a warm soft afternoon's sunshine, and then one tiny things or sounds made me upset. Lego's yellow, blue, red and green seems mixed. One tiny things like the bang of the door or the sound of a revving a car somewhere far off, someone sit next to me said "Good job". Those small moments broke my world into pieces. Like the soap bubble burst open and disappeared, someone blow the seeds of a dandelion fly through the air and float away, or someone come into your room without knocking. Then my body moved without my thoughts. does this sound natural?
A: First may I say. Lovely writing. As a child I would play with Legos. I was non-verbal autistic kid. One minute I would be very calm in a room filled with a soft and warm afternoon sunlight. The next moment, one tiny thing or sound would upset me. When this occurred the Lego's yellow, blue, red and green colors seemed to mix together. The bang of a door, the sound of a a far away car engine, or someone sitting next to me saying “Good job” would make my small world crumble. Like a soap bubble bursting and disappearing, like someone blowing the seeds of a dandelion making them fly through the air and float away, or like someone coming into your room without knocking, it would make me fall apart. Then my body would move on its own.
Q: Please keep the remaining Lego pieces well so that you will not lose them. (‘well’ is the best choice of word here?) does this sound natural?
A: @ptwshin no problem! English speakers will understand what you mean when you say "well", but it is more appropriate to say "properly" because it means there is a proper way of keeping the toys (usually tidily). :)
Q: Lego has proven or proved to be a useful toy...?
A: You can say ‘has been proved’ and ‘has been proven’
Q: Your Lego broke down. does this sound natural?
A: You can say "your Lego is broken into pieces"
Q: What do you call it? It’s not Lego
A: Meccano - the name brand is the name. Been around for many years. Very popular and good toy.

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