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    2. Monica Lewinsky's dress was used as evidence of the sexual encounter she and Bill Clinton had. Avenatti said that Stormy Daniels does not have such evidence. In saying this, he alluded to the Bill Clinton impeachment from years ago. He isn't saying anything very specific about what kind of evidence they have, but his mentioning Bill Clinton's impeachment is a way to show that the accusations Daniels has against Trump are serious enough to warrant talks about impeachment.

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    2. Q1. He probably means he didn't get out of the situation without penalties. It can be money or other penalties, like how other people think of him. Q2. Yes, it means that. It's a confusing sentence because it could also means the White House was in debt because he left. But based on context, he is talking about his own loss, not the government's. Q3. No, he's saying he used to have money, but because he couldn't get out of the scandal free, he lost a lot of money. Probably some for Ms. Lewinsky, but also some to people who supported him and stopped supporting him because of the scandal.

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