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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Lions except a challenge even if its too big.
A: I believe its accept and not except. 8-)
Accept is to agree, to agree doing
except is like not doing
Like to do/will do/ or doing something else but "not" _____.

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Q: Lions live half as long as elephants do.

Lions live half as short as elephants do.

Do both sentences have tge same meaning?
A: They do not have the same meaning, and the second sentence is incorrect. A native English speaking would say the first sentence.
Q: Lions have big teeth does this sound natural?
A: Yes and you’re right
Q: Can you say "Lions are in the zoo.", or we should say "at the zoo" instead.
How about the farm. Cows are in the farm, on the farm, or at the farm?

Well, I want to teach kids animals in English. If "in" is able to use for both zoo and farm, then it will be easy for kids to learn a new expression. But I don't want to give them wrong ideas.

Thank you.
A: "Cows live on a farm" is what you'd hear. You also tend to hear "to live" instead of "to be" for things like this. "Live in" sounds like an enclosure. This works for a zoo, or a house, or an apartment. A farm is just a piece of land, so you live "on" a farm. "At" tends to describe the general location of another action being performed. You "work at a school". Working is the main action, with the school being secondary.
Q: Lions are king of animals. does this sound natural?
A: Your second sentence is correct, "The lion is king of animals." You could also say "The lion is king of all animals."
Q: Lions: Let's chase the cow! We'll eat that up! does this sound natural?
A: This is pretty good, but you would most likely say, "We'll eat it up".

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