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    2. there is only one syllable. A mistake I constantly see Brazilians make in words that end in -ed is assuming that the -ed is another syllable. This is true of some -ed words (for example, planted or wanted), but not all of them. For this word, the e is silent, so it’s almost like “loath’d.” The letters blend into each other so in order to pronounce this right you need to be able to correctly do the “th” sound. Without being able to say “th,” the word would be said with two syllables which is wrong. I would start by making sure you can say “loathe” correctly and then practice with the -ed, because once you get it for one word it will come easily for all the others. There’s a website called Forvo that I find really useful because it is like a huge dictionary for pronunciation, where people upload their pronunciation of words. I think this is something where you have to listen and repeat a thousand times until you get it :)

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