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Q: What is the difference between <span class="dictionary_keyword">Luckly</span> and Fortunately ?
A: Right! Now, both of those are adjectives. If we look at the nouns from which they are derived, we have
luck & fortune.
I think there are slight differences between the two, that can perhaps be seen by their usage:
"I threw the coin and it landed right in the hole--what blind luck!" (fortuneではない)
"I had the good fortune to meet my favorite author" (luckはなぜか違和感)
"I felt lucky/fortunate that I was able to meet my favorite author" (どちでもいい. 幸い)
"I will tell you your fortune" (占い. luckではない)
"May fortune smile on you." ("fate" みたい。 luck ではない)
"I got lucky and rolled a 7 three times in a row." (fortunate ではない)
"You are lucky/fortunate to have such a pretty girlfriend" (どちでもいい. 幸い)
"Fortunately/luckily, the weather is supposed to be good tomorrow" (どちでもいい)

So, luck usually implies more of a natural, chaotic, random chance(たまたま), while fortune can also imply some sort of unknown external force (運命とか), and there are cases where one is used while the other is not.

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Q: <span class="dictionary_keyword">Luckly</span>, we were not caught in the rain while being outside. does this sound natural?
A: You would just say, lucky we weren’t caught in the rain. Because we would understand you were outside.

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