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Q: 滑走終了は午後4時です。

The ski will end at 4pm.
I will prepare the rack for MISHOP members around the entrance of Ski area.
please put in the Skis and poles there.
does this sound natural?
A: Skiing will end at 4pm.
I will prepare a ski rack for MISHOP members around the entrance of ski area. Please put the skis and poles in the rack.
Q: (1)あらためまして、みなさんおはようございます。

やまだたかし部会長より ご挨拶です。

(1) How is it going, Every one. Lets have fun together.

This tour supported by MISHOP Volunteer Members.
I’d like to introduce chairman , TAKASHI YAMADA.
He will have a welcome speech.

(2) それではこれからマイクを回します。

(2) So, I will pass round the mike.
Please introduce yourself to everyone. does this sound natural?
A: (1) Good morning again everyone! Let's enjoy 2 days of skiing!

This ski tour is supported by the MISHOP Volunteer Members' warm hearted cooperation.
On behalf of the volunteer staff, this is a welcome speech by event group chairman TAKASHI YAMADA.

(2) So let's begin! Let's pass the mic around. Everyone, please introduce yourself!


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