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    2. If this is for a writing assignment then you should say "Magnitsky was a man who had been beaten to death by the guards in his prison cell in 2009."

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    2. The sentence means, more or less: "If I'd known she was going to talk about the Magnitsky Act, I wouldn't have gone to the meeting. I feel like I wasted twenty minutes." In this sentence, I think he is using "All else being equal" to mean "if I'd had the choice" or "if I'd known" or "on the whole." Trump Jr. is claiming that he thought Veselnitskaya would talk about something else, and he was unhappy when she talked about the Magnitsky Act instead. However, this is not a very typical use of "all else being equal"! We use it to talk about hypothetical choices we would make, but usually we use it to mean "if there were no other differences." For example: - All else being equal, I'd rather live in the country rather than the city. - All else being equal, I'd rather stay close to my family. - All else being equal, I'd prefer to work in a big firm rather than a small one. In these situations, you are saying that your GENERAL preference is to live in the country rather than the city, but that's only with "all else being equal." If you were offered a great job in the city and no job in the country, you might prefer to live in the city instead.

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