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    2. Good! But here are some corrections: Mammoths are animals that *died out just like dinosaurs. Scientists have *deduced what mammoths looked like from their remains. They appeared about 4-5 million years ago *on the African continent, then they lived throughout Eurasia. Mammoths are considered to be the ancestors of modern *Africa and Indian elephants. *On average, the mammoth weighed 6-8 tons and some *reached a weight of 12 tons. Growth was also significant - up to 5 meters. The body of the mammoth was covered with thick and long hair up to 90 cm, usually brown and black. It helped them keep warm. They (also) had a long trunk, very large and long tusks *of up to 4 meters, massive limbs and body, small ears. Mammoths are herbivores. The period of existence of mammoths *came at a time when there *were primitive people. A large number of mammoth images can be found in caves. They began to disappear about 10 thousand years ago due to a sharp decrease in temperature. But there was only one *species: dwarf mammoths. They were small - up to 2 meters tall.

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