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Q: "It sounds great but I don't think there is Mcdonalds near here. However, it got me thinking of that eating a hamburger would be good." does this sound natural?
A: Nearly there!!

Try this instead:

“It sounds great but I don’t think there is a McDonald’s near here. Although, it has got me thinking. A hamburger would be good”
Q: have you dined at Mcdonalds' before? does this sound natural?
A: Have you eaten at McDonald's before
Q: when do you say "i'm going to Mcdonalds"
when do you say "i'm going to the Mcdonalds"??
A: "the" refers to a specific McDonald's, which you might say if there's only one McDonald's nearby. Without "the" could mean any McDonald's.
Q: When ordering at Mcdonalds. Let's say you want the big mag meal. What are some of the natural ways to say it?
A: So if you wanted a Big Mac, you could also say, "can i have a number 1, please."

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