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    2. “I’m trying to write diary in English.” “I woke up at 7 AM. Today, I still have a bad cough, so I went to hospital. I was ready to get out so I was exited to sell my MPC by Meruksri (like auction), so I sent that. Then, I went to “Kuroneko Yamato”. A staff said I can cut down sanding coat because this service would pay a little money. However, I already tapped the “send” button, so I couldn’t get it discounted. Next, I went to hospital. A doctor said “you don’t need to worry about your cough because it came from cold”. I left after I listened to that. I came back to home so I could eat ranch and then I ate pasta with my mother. In the afternoon, I went to library and studied English. I was going to TOEIC English, but I only did vocabulary. That was because I thought I had a lack of general vocabulary. At 7 PM, I went out of the library and went to mall to find a new wallet. I want to get a wallet for my birthday. After that, I decided to come back to home because it started to get a little rainy.”

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