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    2. ​‎(Hi, Thank you for your help so far. I can find a job after my graduation in EU and earn an above-average monthly salary.) - I can find a job in the EU after my graduation, and and get payed above the average salary rate. (Since I cannot find a job now, wasting my time in Taiwan is expensive.) - However, since I can’t find a job at the moment, staying in Taiwan is expensive and a waste of my time. (The worst-case scenario is that I cannot go abroad so I need to avoid at any cost.) -The worst case scenario is that I won’t be able to travel abroad, so I’m making efforts to avoid this outcome (at all costs). (I shouldn't give up my top choice for application since I can't even ensure that I can enroll in another master's program.) - However, I shouldn’t give up on my first choice of university, but I can’t ensure that I will get a place and be able to enrol on the masters program there. (My favourite countries ranked are Portugal, Austria, Slovenia, Czechia and Germany.) - Maybe just add in “ranked in order” (However, I cannot find any master's programs suiting to me in Austria, Slovenia or Czechia though.) - I would like to study in one of those countries, however I can’t find any courses that suit me. (Therefore, the University of Minho is my top choice to apply for.) -This means that my top choice of university is Minho. (I can get a GPA of 4.30 in Pingtung and get the top 2% in CPE and most importantly, I earned my degree in just 1 year.) - I can get a GPA if 4.30% in Pingtung, and get within the top 2% for the CPE. Yet, most importantly i managed to earn my degree within a year. (I chose to apply for a spot at National Pingtung University and I won this battle.) - In the end, I chose to apply for a spot at the National Pingtung university, and I got in! (The University of Minho is my next paradigm-shifting battle.) - The next thing to do, is to try and get into the university of Minho. (There are still little German choices several months later but I shouldn't count on them since I cannot even ensure that I can enroll in.) - Although, im still looking at universities in Germany, there is still very little choice, and even then, I can’t ensure that I’ll be enrolled. ​‎(I've heard that the fellowships and scholarships in Portugal are outstanding, so I have to concentrate on my master's program.) - I’ve heard that scholarships and fellowships in Portugal are outstanding, so I have to concentrate on my masters degree if I want to get in. (I have to graduate in 1 to 2 years to save my tuition fee.) - To Save money, I’ll have to graduate in 1-2 years. (Nevertheless, Portuguese says that I shouldn't get a part-time job in Portugal since the salary is low.) - I’ve also been told that I shouldn’t get a part time job in Portugal, as the pay rate is low. (I need to find a place to live before I go abroad, however, I don't trust people in Taipei.) - Before I travel, I need to find a place to live. However, I don’t trust people in Taipei. (I gave it some thought and found that no matter how hard I try to help people, he will consider my value lower than a man with power even if the man is mad. If I want to do the right things, I need to recognize this fact first so I can keep myself from being betrayed according to the famous Milgram experiment. Moreover, they will love those command them according to the Ben Franklin effect.) - I’ve been thinking it over, and I’ve come to realise that no matter how hard I try to help people, they don’t always accept it. If I want to do the right thing, I need to be more careful, so that people don’t betray my trust and backstab me. (My life was saved by the poor so I thought I should protect the poor but I was wrong.) - My life was saved by the poor, so I feel like I should protect them to show my gratitude; but I was wrong. (He brought shame upon you and thought we're worse than the bullies. There is no reason I need to consist of my mistaken rightness anymore.) - He brought shame upon you, and felt like we were worse then bullies. There is no need for me to act upon my mistaken rightness anymore. - I’m not really sure what you’re trying to say here, so I tried my best. ( I just need to become an authority so those who I love such as you will be correct. Never forget that "normal" people always follow authority blindly, while you never do. :p Cheers, Cecil does this sound natural?) - I just need to become an authoritative figure, so people will have a say. But, one thing to never forget is that ‘normal’ people follow authority blindly, yet you never have. ———————————————- Right, ok. I’ve gone through and tried to correct your paragraphs to make them seem more natural. A few points to improve on though are: 1- metaphors are good, but using too many of them can make things confusing. 2- Although I’ve improved your paragraphs, the way in which it is structured doesn’t make sense. Try and stick to one topic before moving onto the next, so it flows more naturally. 3- Just keep practicing :)) Good job! You did really well, just a few things that need to be improved, but seriously keep it up!

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    2. I just saw your other post and checked on the dictionary. "Moreover" and "what is more" have the same meaning, of additionally. I think "moreover" is less uncommon than "what is more". What I suggested, "what is worse" is slightly different, but much more usual and fitting

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