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    2. [I recently] read Mishima Yukio's essay. Though it was written over half a century [ago], it [states], "Recently, bullying among children has become an important problem." [Despite being written] over 50 years ago, [it is clear that] the same problem [existed then as it does now]. In his essay, Mishima suggests an interesting solution. He says that it's not (effective) to forbid children to bully because they would (--) want to bully all the more if bullying (were) forbidden. Thus, we [should] rather encourage them to bully, [but] not to bully [just] anyone. There're some people who prefer being treated badly. Therefore, children should find such people and bully them. I (partly agree) with Mishima*. Encouraging (bullying) is a new idea for me and I'm for it. But I'm against [his other arguments]. I don't think there are always [people who want to be bullied]. Nevertheless, I know people (we can bully who will never complain and are always with us). They're characters in novels, cartoons, or animations. Children should bully the imaginary instead of the real. I propose they insult Dazai Osamu's characters. I'm sure that [the] deceased Mishima would agree completely on [this point]. (note: Mishima* hated Dazai) *corrected spelling

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