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    2. Girl: Sir, do you write from your past life? Misima: Though everyone has experience, for example, like having an experience of near-death or climbing Mt. Everest and almost falling, these are not the only experiences. Experience hides where they don't imagine, for example, when they walk in the street and trip over a stone, there is a possibility that the little stone has great significance to their lives. Experience like that is important, but the ability to make that experience have great significance to them is also important. Authors must have both experience and this ability. If they don't have experience as though they grew in a science laboratory from birth, they won't become authors, while authors need this ability. People might call it a talent.

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    2. [I recently] read Mishima Yukio's essay. Though it was written over half a century [ago], it [states], "Recently, bullying among children has become an important problem." [Despite being written] over 50 years ago, [it is clear that] the same problem [existed then as it does now]. In his essay, Mishima suggests an interesting solution. He says that it's not (effective) to forbid children to bully because they would (--) want to bully all the more if bullying (were) forbidden. Thus, we [should] rather encourage them to bully, [but] not to bully [just] anyone. There're some people who prefer being treated badly. Therefore, children should find such people and bully them. I (partly agree) with Mishima*. Encouraging (bullying) is a new idea for me and I'm for it. But I'm against [his other arguments]. I don't think there are always [people who want to be bullied]. Nevertheless, I know people (we can bully who will never complain and are always with us). They're characters in novels, cartoons, or animations. Children should bully the imaginary instead of the real. I propose they insult Dazai Osamu's characters. I'm sure that [the] deceased Mishima would agree completely on [this point]. (note: Mishima* hated Dazai) *corrected spelling

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