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    2. I'm very sorry for that Miwa Fujita will actually stay here for 4 weeks, but she is registered on our site for 3 weeks by my mistake. I've changed her status. I apologize for the inconvenience. Julie, could you inform the hotel to extend her stay, please? -Naohiro (Just punctuation, otherwise very good!)

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    2. ​‎Hello. My name is Gisshi. I’m a freshman at Okonawa University. Thank you for being here today. Today, I am going to talk about STUDIO GHIBLI. How many movies of STUDIO GHIBLI do you know? STUDIO GHIBLI has released* 21 movies so far*, some of them are* Princess Mononoke” “Spirited Away” “Howl’s Moving Castle” and so on. According to Sinemazu, box-office revenue, STUDIO GHIBLI’s movie is about 155 billion yen, “Spirited Away” made 30.4 billion yen, “Howl’s Moving Castle” made 19.6 billion yen, “Princess Mononoke” made 19.3 billion yen. “Spirited Away”, a movie released in 2001 is the previous box-office champion in Japan. STUDIO GHIBLI’s works are broadcast on TV over 140 times. Today I will talk about my favorite Studio GHIBLI movie, Princess Mononoke”*. In Japan, we call this movie Mononokehime. It took Hayao Miyazaki 16 years to think about this (here it may be "to create this movie's plot) movie’s story, and other 3 years to make it. In this movie, a voice actor or a voice actress is known to everyone. For example, Yuriko Ishida plays San, the heroine of this movie, and Akihiro Miwa plays Moro, san’s mother. My favorite character is Ashitaka. He is good at shooting an arrow. He shoots an arrow at the God of a boar to protect his village. He is very cool, right? One of the movie’s highlights is its scene. Look at these pictures. They are similar to each other. This is Shiratani Unsuikyo in Yakushima. Yakushima is a World Heritage. Bryological Society of Japan designates Shiratani Unsuikyo as precious mossy forest in Japan. It is a famous sightseeing place of moss. This place was the place of this movie. I have never been to Yakushima, so I want to go there someday. To sum up, in this presentation, I talked about my favorite movie “Mononokehime”. If you interested in this movie when you listened to my presentation, why don’t you watch the movie? Thank you for listening.

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