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    2. そうですね。世界的だったら、たぶん「Hayao Miyazaki has changed the way movies/anime for children are made」か「I believe that Hayao Miyazaki has changed the way the world makes movies/anime for children」の方が適当かもしれない。英語の文を書く際、彼自身変えても、世界的の変更でしたらちょっと違います。

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    2. It's very good overall with mistakes only being minor, well done! - 'which WAS produced in 2001' - 'One of the best-known Japanese animations, this masterpiece is the winner of an Oscar' - 'The story begins when' (no need for a comma here) - "the UNUSUAL land" - 'she and her parents HAD ARRIVED' - 'THE ADULTS,, under influence OF ENCHANTED FOOD, TURN into pigs' - 'Later, a complicated series of events occur' - 'A huge building' - 'UPON FIRST GLANCE Spirited Away seems a cheery tale with a childish yet moving plot' - "The movie raises awareness of important problems in Japanese society" - 'GROWING difference' - 'every kind of VIEWER' - 'Due to its particular combination of plotline and a hidden, important and grave meaning, it's an animation for both younger and older audiences." - 'it's a movie worth seeing for everyone'

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    2. I think this is complicated. Sis is the short form of of the word Sister. It implies a fun and very casual relationship between a sibling and their sister. Sis can be used between older sisters to younger sisters and vice versa. Brothers can also say this to their sisters as well (the age doesn't matter). It can rarely be used among close female friends (the implication is that you are as close as sisters). It is moderately common, although it tends to be more common I feel in works of fiction than in real life. I do not have a sister so I never used this word much in my life. But I personally also don't hear it that often either. So while I see/hear this word often on TV and in books, I would even dare to say that we this word isn't too often used in spoken language. The reason they used "sis" in this context is because the translators were trying to recreate the same feeling that おねえちゃん conveys in Japanese. Sis would be their attempt at finding a "similar enough" word but unfortunately there is no equivalent for おねえちゃん and saying the full word "sister" would be strange.

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    2. Humans tend to seek to improve their lives, regardless of whether it causes adverse effects to the environment. I believe Miyazaki portrays this human ego in Princess Mononoke, through Eboshi and the members of the Tatara clan who destroy Shishigami forest in order to make weapons for war. This indicates that Shinto beliefs, which place a lot of importance on coexisting with nature and the gods, are being destroyed by modernization.

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    2. Which movie director is more famous, Takeshi Kitano or Hayao Miyazaki?

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    2. Oct = October (you say it fully) You don’t say (76), because that’s for readers to refer to a page. And he said that it will take 3 or 4 years until it’s finished.

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    2. These two films were both created (both = 2, all > 2)... It was about a castle/The movie was about a castle... Filed -> filled what impressed me most was that when the castle was destroyed and flew away from the earth, the robot was still happy to play with its animal friends. The other film, Spirited Away, ... There are many animated characters in this film but each one is special. The art, music, and story ... There are even people who have said... Both (of) these films/movies are worth watching

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