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Q: What does from Moana

it is time to put my stone on the mointain.

okay. well then HEAD ON BACK.
Put that stone up there.

head on back means??

thank you. mean?
A: to head back, to head on back = to return, to go to again
Q: What does In Moana, Maui said "what the shot. " to moana. What does it mean? mean?
A: Maybe they meant it as, "what the shit" but since it's a kids' movie they had to block it out with "shot".

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Q: Moana

How to pronounce?
A: Mowana is how it is pronounced
Q: Moana: I may have gone a little ways past the reef.
Moana's father : It suits you.
(This line is from around last secene in Moana movie. At first Moana's father was against Moana to go past the reef, because it was dangerous. She went past the reef to save the village. She saved the village to restore the heart of Te-Fiti and came back to the island.)

What does "It suits you" mean?
I understood the converstation like this.
A: My friend gave me this jacket. How do I look?
B: It suits you perfectly!

I do not understand the way to use this phrase....
Did he give her permission to go past the reef?
A: It means "It is great on you."

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