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    2. Bogotá is a big city with more than eight million inhabitants. The most interesting places are in the town centre. The best way to get around is walking or, if you do not like walking, you can take a taxi or bus. There are three places you should visit: 1. Monserrate - a temple located on the top of a mountain, where you can see the whole city and enjoy a wonderful sunset. 2. The old town, an area where the houses and buildings are from colonial times, so it is a romantic place to walk with your partner. 3. Rogelio Salmona Buildings - Rogelio Salmona was one of Colombia’s best architects and he built some of his most beautiful buildings in Bogotá. You can see wonderful examples of his work such as the Virgilio Barco Library or the building of Human Sciences of the National University of Colombia. In addition, you can enjoy lots of delicious food in Bogotá as you can find all the traditional dishes of Colombia.

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