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    2. It means "tell us which person seems crazy." Loony is slang for Lunatic. so the gameshow is about finding people who are crazy/bizarre/loony. It's not about a medical mental disorder, but about someone who is unusual.

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    2. @lana103 não, monthly is the same in the present and the past, a little easier :) "I pay my rent monthly." "Eu pago meu aluguel mensalmente." "I paid my rent monthly." "Eu paguei meu aluguel mensalmente." " I used to pay my rent monthly." "Eu costumava pagar meu aluguel mensalmente." "I'm going to pay my rent monthly." "Eu vou pagar meu aluguel mensalmente." ou tambem: "I have a monthly rent payment." "My car is on a monthly payment plan." "A full moon is a monthly event." ;)

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