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    2. to go forward, to continue, to look in the future : that's pretty much the sense of it. hope it helps.

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    2. The Earth revolves Around The Sun. ----------------------------------------- The Earth revolves around the Sun, but ancient people thought that the Sun and Moon revolve around the Earth. Had I lived in ancient times, even I would have thought the same thing because the Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. But since then scientists have discovered that the Sun in fact doesn’t revolve around the Earth-the Earth revolves around the Sun. This scientific truth is what I’d learned when I was a primary school student. I hadn’t realized how stunning their discovery was. They had observed this phenomenon again and again for an immeasurably long time. Discoveries comes from long-term and close observation. notes: 'if i lived' - should be 'if i had lived', 'had i lived' sounds better 'the ancient age' - there is no such thing, but your meaning is well understood. 'the prehistoric age' etc. 'ancient times' is a much better way of saying things 'revolve' - the earth revolves around the sun, the earth rotates around/about its axis 'where one stood' - makes no sense 'someone' - this is one person, so 'they' cannot refer back to 'someone'

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