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    2. Seems right to me. Although I know plenty of women who use "oh my god" far more than my male friends, haha.

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    2. Extremely good !!

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    2. Manly, masculine, dynamic, and strong are all attributes that are understood as they apply to human beings, but using those words to describe a style of tea ceremony seems imprecise and possibly confusing (for me at least). Spartan, rigid, formal, simple, unpretentious... these are all adjectives that might work better, but are still not precise enough to describe the specific 'manners' in which the ceremony is different from the less 'manly' ceremonies. For example, do they have a sword fight to decide who gets the best maccha? Please don't take these critiques in a negative way~! I'm honestly not familiar enough with the various ceremonies to know their differences.

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    2. Hello everyone, I’m Nao! Let me introduce myself. I’m a freshmen at Kobe University. Every day I go to university by train, it takes about one and a half hours from my hometown of Tatsuno. It tires me so I want to live in Kobe. That aside I would like to start my presentation. Today I will speak about Hijime castle in Hijime city, by my hometown. Because it’s so close I can see it any time, despite this I consider going to the castle a valuable experience. To show my reasoning I will share an explanation of the castle, sightseeing spots and the best season to visit. Hijime castle is of Japan’s well regarded or “World” heritages, And was chosen as such in 1993. It was built by Akamatsu Sadanori, a militant commander from the Muromachi period.(たぶん、私たち外国人のための時間基準として開始と期間の終了日が含まれていますか?) The castle also goes by a few other names such as Sirasagi castle or Haruko castle, “Sirasagi” by its Chinese characters meaning: “A white heron” which is the color of the castle. Secondly, as you may know; is famous for Sarayasiki, yotsuya kaiden. The story of it was told since I was a child, which is why I feel close to Okiku-Ido. It is also one of the most interesting parts of the castle, and I think you should find a chance to see it. Lastly, you should go in spring as you can see the beautiful cherry blossoms accompanied by the large White Castle to make for an amazing view the pairs together quite nicely and is only done justice when seen in person. It makes me happy to think you may want to go see the castle, it was a great pleasure to speak with you today and thank you for listening!

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