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Q: Musicians need to be talented to be successful.

Does "talented" refer to the talents people born with or learned?
A: In English, it doesn't really distinguish between them very well, so it can mean both or either. Culturally, these days a lot of people get confused about where talent comes from or how people get talent to be good at something. It is actually a common mistake people make, to assume that talent has to be inborn, so they forget to work hard. They give up if they are not good at it right away, instead of working hard. Or if they are born with some talent, a lot of people take it for granted instead of training that talent to be even better. They forget how much you can get from learning and working hard, and so they treat born talent as if it was magic that just appears from nowhere. It is kind of sad.

So words like 'talent' will be used for both kinds (inborn and learned). It will also be used whenever someone just seems to be good at something, without knowing/caring how they got so good at doing this.

This means that sometimes people will talk about 'talent' as if it is a mysterious superpower that just happens to some really lucky people when they are born. Which is silly. But people will also use 'talent' to describe someone who trained hard for years to gain their ability. The word 'talent' just doesn't specify the origin of their ability, it only says that they are really good at doing something.
Q: Musicians are producing a pop music by playing the electronic guitar does this sound natural?
A: × Musicians are producing a pop music by playing the electronic guitar
Musicians are producing pop music by playing the electric guitar.

You can say producing or making depending on if you are writing this sentence or speaking this sentence.
Q: Musicians! You guys could please send to me videos in english about the classical music? Or channels?
Q: Musicians usually use songs to get their opinions on something across. does this sound natural?
A: How should I improve it?

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