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    2. Since I am currently working in the media field in NYC in the daytime, I would like to apply for the evening part-time class from 6-9pm. *Note: You don’t have to say that you are making money by yourself because it can come off as you are being arrogant which doesn’t sound good professionally. You also don’t have to state (pacific time) as it’s a given that you will be going to class somewhere within the range of your work.* I was first introduced to the world of programming when I participated in the NYPL Tech Connect Program in February of this year. I was learning how to build websites using HTML, CCS, and JavaScript. The NYPL Tech Connect Program gave me the motivation to want to create more applications and show people what I have created which has driven me to want to learn at a more advanced level. My goal for the future is to be able to create applications (or whatever field, job description) for different companies worldwide. *Note: You don’t have to state that you will be working at a company or names of companies since you will be working at a company as a goal and by using companies worldwide, you are stating that any company within the world and not just the two you have stated.* I am currently preparing myself to be a full stack web developer by gaining knowledge, information, and skills needed through videos and research online. I hope ABC School becomes the bridge that connects my dream. Thank you! *Note: You don’t have to state YouTube videos because it might come off as unprofessional. Just state videos, in that way, you are through any means that you can find online and not just YouTube.

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