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    2. Hi! I think you did very well for the most part. There were only a few mistakes. For example when you wrote: "told the police that she's lost the video" and "after she's did her first interview". These are incorrect because "she's" can be a contraction of "she" and "is" (present simple) or "she" and "has" (present perfect progressive) so when you write "she's lost the video" you're actually saying "she has lost the video" which is the incorrect tense, in this case, since you're using simple past tense. Instead, the correct thing to say would be "told the police that she HAD lost the video." This would be the corrections I would make to the text: "The woman ACCUSING Neymar says that a tablet containing the video was stolen. During HER testimony given this Friday, Najila Trindade told the police that she had lost the video, WHICH according to her would incriminate the soccer player. The fashion model claimed that her flat was broken into on Wednesday night after DOING her first interview about the case ON SBT. The tablet WITH the video would've been taken on THAT occasion." Hope this helps! ^-^ (Sorry if my explination wasn't very good. I'm not very good at explaining grammar!)

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