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Q: What does She's a real neat Nelly. mean?
A: It's often used as an expression to describe someone as neat.

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Q: Please show me example sentences with negative Nelly.
A: In 1966 President Johnson spoke of "Nervous Nellies" to refer to critics of his Vietnam policy, and the phrase caught on. Nervous Nellie acquired the connotation of "naysayer" and gave rise to similar terms like Negative Nellie, Naysayer Nellie, Negative Ned and Negative Nancy.

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Q: How do you say this in English (US)? Nelly

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Q: "Nelly!"

It was said as an exclamation by someone when something surprised or scared them.
People usually say "Oh my god" or "Holy shit", "Jesus" etc
But I have never heard of "Nelly" used in this way until today.
I googled but I couldn't find the origin of it. The page where it's explained. Help me.
A: @Kmary00 Oh, thanks for the clarification. Glad to learn that.
Q: when Nelly was very small, he would take her for a walk every day in her pushchair to Mrs.Pringle's garden. does this sound natural?
A: Where you say " pushchair to mrs. Pringles gardern" you pronounced "to" like "sue or soo" and you said mrs. Pringler not Pringle
Q: What is "Nelly" in 128?
A: 'Nervous Nelly' is just a popular name you may call someone who is, well, nervous.

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