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    2. Did you know that the concept of e-sports first came from Tooniverse, the TV channel for children? A game lover PD at Tooniverse introduced a gaming broadcasting with the production costs of only 400 dollars. This small idea brought e-sports into an enormous industry. Even now, e-sports are being considered as a regular part of global sport competition. Newzoo, a market research company, analyzed the audience habits and revenue indicators to study the status of e-sports in its report titled ‘Global e-sports market.’ In 2018, Newzoo forecasted that the market size of E-sports would surpass 1 billion dollars by 2020. However, this figure was reached already in 2019, faster than expected. This rapid growth seems to continue. The growth rate of the market is now about 26.7 % and will go up to 18 billion dollars in 2022. As the market grows, E-sports attracts more investors and advertisers from video game industries. The reason why this sector would grow quickly is that giant brands such as Intel, Twitch and Gillette have actively invested in the e-sports industry. It is estimated that the e-sports organizers will gain 897 million dollars which are 80% of the total revenue thanks to the investors from those brands which have invested in such areas of media rights advertisements and sponsorships. The media right is the main source of revenue and its growth rate is about 41.8% per year.

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