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Q: What does "ON THE WRONG SIDE OF..." mean?
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: What does ON FLEEK

A: It is basically slang for saying something is perfect. It's similar to when people say something is "on point", if you're familiar with that phrase.
Q: What does ON THE MORE in this sentence "the traffic is finally on the more after being held for at least 45 minutes" mean?
A: At first I thought it was an article in the Grauniad...
("The Guardian" is a British newspaper at one time noted for spelling mistakes, and often poked fun of by Private Eye - a magazine like Le Canard Enchainé - who refer to it with a deliberate typo as "The Grauniad")
Q: What does ON SALE mean?
A: Puede significar "de venta", "en oferta", o a veces "rebaja"

Example sentences using "On"

Q: Please show me example sentences with IN or ON.
A: alright:
so On and In are there to show where something is, whether that be yourself, a friend, a toy, etc.
However, IN is used when something is inside something else.
For example:
The boy is IN the house
My clothes are IN the closet
The dog is IN the cage

However, ON is used when something is on top of something else
For example:
The teddy bear is ON the shelf. (If you would have, let's say put IN instead, then it means that teddy bear is INSIDE the shelf)
He is on the roof of the house
My lamp is ON the nightstand

I hope this answers your question, Kakah__21 :D
And if you have any more questions, feel free to ask
Q: Please show me example sentences with IN, ON ,AT
A: in = inside
The dog is in the cage. To go in.

in = attending
What grade are you in? Are you in school? What club are you in?

on = on top of
The keys are on the table. The report is on your desk.

on = included in
He's not on the list (His name is not included in the list).

on = operating
Turn the light on. The TV is on.

on = forward / continuing
He's going on to bigger and better things. She was droning on and on.

on = going to happen
The fight is on. (The fight is going to happen). The date is on.

on = ???
I am on call. (I am waiting to see if I need to go in to work today)
That presentation was on point. (The presentation was very good)
He is on unemployment. (He is receiving unemployment benefits)

on = playing on TV
The fight is on. (The recording of the fight is playing on TV).

at = during a specific time
At what time? I'll meet you at 8pm.

at = in a specific place
Where is he at? He is at the mall.

Q: Please show me example sentences with ON, AT and IN.
A: Check the question to view the answer
Q: Please show me example sentences with ON THE GROUNDS OF.
A: This phrase means “for the reason of.” For example, “He was arrested on the grounds of corruption.”

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Q: What is the difference between ON DECEMBER and IN DECEMBER ?
A: You would use "on December" when referring to a specific date or day in the month of December. For example, if someone were to ask you "What day are you leaving for your trip?", you can answer with "on December 20th" or "I'm leaving for my trip on December 20th."

As for "in December", you would use it when you're not sure of the date. For example, "I'm leaving sometime in December" or "the trip is sometime in December".
Q: What is the difference between ON and ONTO and IN and INTO ?
A: Onto means a movement from not being on something to being on it. Similarly into means moving from outside something to being inside it. He jumped onto the table means he wasn't on the table but ended up on the table. He jumped on the table could mean he was already on the table when he jumped, ending the jump still on the table.
Q: What is the difference between IN and ON and AT ?
A: in is describing a location for example" I am in the store" while at was past tense( happened in the past) of in or description of location. for example "I was at the store" For on it depends on context but in general it describes a place you were at. for example "I was on tv"
Q: What is the difference between ON the floor and IN the floor ?
A: On = encima de

In= dentro de

en inglés, tenemos dos palabras para "en."
Q: What is the difference between ON SALE and FOR SALE ?
A: On sale - something is less expensive than usual
For sale - something being sold

I got my t shirt on sale, it was 50% off.
My neighbour's house is for sale for €230,000.

Translations of "On"

Q: How do you say this in English (US)? マシン点検して、異常無ければ、電源ONボタンを押して下さい
A: If you inspect the machine and there's nothing wrong, please push the power button.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? ON the street or IN the street?
A: "On the street" sounds much better.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? when I use "ON" and "IN" ?
A: example:
"The book is on the table"
"My socks are in the shoes"
Like if something is above or in the Internet like "I'm on twitter" its used ON
And in its like inside something.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? ON and Own. How to pronounce?
A: your "own" is strange. it should just be the o sound and the n sound.
Q: How do you say this in English (US)? ON the last days or IN the last days?
A: Normally for days you would use "on".

But, as this is a period of time and not an actual date, "in" would be correct.

Other questions about "On"

Q: We're going - ON or FOR - a sleigh ride?
A: We're going on a sleigh ride.
we're going for a sleigh ride.
Both sound good to me.😁
Q: "ON" or "IN" the tweet?
A: In the tweet sounds more natural to me, especially if you are talking about the contents of a tweet.

On the tweet makes me think of something above or on top of a tweet, which for an intangible thing like a tweet doesn't sound plausible.
Q: ON MY OWN has the same meaning of ALONE in the text of the pic?
A: @MarcosC: You got it right 😆
Q: When to use IN, ON and AT?
A: in - inside something (cookies IN a tin, wine IN a glass, child IN school)
on - on top of something (the chimney ON the roof, the dog ON the rug)
at - used for places (with a few exceptions) im AT home, she's AT work

sometimes, you can choose between "in" and "at" to give the sentence a slightly different meaning
"I'm IN the restaurant" (shows that you're already sitting at the table"
"I'm AT the restaurant" (shows that you're outside)

hope this helps :s

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