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    2. it stands for "one true pairing". people usually use it online to talk about characters from shows and movies that they want to see in a romantic relationship. your OTP is your favorite couple of all time (it can be a couple that were really together in the story, or one that you imagined being together).

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    2. A ship is a pairing that you like. An OTP is your favorite ship or one of your favorite ships.

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    2. PDA stands for "public display of affection" which means kissing or holding hands in public. For example, a school might say "No PDA is allowed." OTP is "one true pairing" and it is not very common but it means a couple that you really wanted to date, most often in tv shows or books. For example: "Did you hear Michelle and John are dating?" "No way! That's my OTP"

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    2. One true or perfect couple.

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