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    2. @desafinado: they're synonyms according to the dictionary but I've always heard/read about software usability and never about operability. (this is of course my own limited experience)

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    2. A couple of points to consider: 1. Plurals can be tricky when transitioning from Japanese to English. "Tablet is planning to become a laptop while laptop is planning to become a tablet" would sound more natural as "Tablets are becoming laptops, and laptops are becoming tablets." Other times you use plural form when you should use singular. For example "let's think about which product is good for each people" would flow more naturally as "let's think about which product is good for each person." 2. Pay attention to your punctuation. By most English writing conventions, a period is followed by a space. A few times in your piece you have no space after the period, e.g. "zoom one part by finger.This zoom..."

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    2. I like playing games, particularly video games. For instance, “Monster Hunter” is one of my most favorite games. I have played it since “Monster Hunter 3” which can be played on the PSP. “Monster Hunter World”, the newest title, has beautiful graphics and good gameplay. I can’t play as well, but it is exciting!

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    2. Grammatically, your version is OK, but it's a bit dry to simply read a list. Maybe take a look at this: ‎I like trains, especially, commuter trains. I don't really like watching them, but I enjoy driving them in games and simulators. My interest in trains started when I rode them as a child. I was always in the front row, so I could look through the window of the driver’s seats. I liked the landscape that I could see from there. Growing up, I always thought driving trains was a cool job, and this led me to want to be a train driver when I got older. I think it takes some skill, to stop the train accurately at the stations, and always keep it on time! What really appeals to me is how stylish the driver’s cab of commuter trains are!! From there, they can see all of the information about the train that gathered from different sources and displayed so that it is easy to see. Even the speed control handle of commuter trains is ergonomically designed for efficient operation. I appreciate this detail because, in my spare time, I play games with a game controller that is just like the driver’s cab of a commuter train.

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