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    2. That person wants to know how long you have been living or staying in New Orleans

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    2. New or-leeens is actually incorrect (though commonly used and nobody will correct you). Technically, the correct pronunciation is New or-Linz, like this:

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    2. I understand the story, but the English is kind of broken, my revisions would be: My friend's family and my family made plans to travel together during the Thanksgiving holidays. At first, we were thinking of going North and camping in the Smokey Mountains, but we decided it would be to cold at this time of year. We then changed the plan to go west along the shore of the gulf until we got to New Orleans, but our mothers weren't interested in going there. My friend and I were confident to have fun there though. We stayed at Moxy, which is unique, and one of the Marriott brand hotels. (I'm not quite sure how to revise the last sentence but I tried)

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    2. A gumbo is a traditional soup in New Orleans cuisine. A melodic gumbo is a metaphor for the community of musicians in New Orleans, different people mixed together like the ingredients in a gumbo.

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    2. this is a term originating from New Orleans. a main-line parade is the part of the parade with experienced musicians playing together in uniform - like a common high school band marching. A second-line parade is a group of people who follow behind the music, dancing or playing music that is different to that of the main-line. It is just people enjoying the music and dancing along.

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    2. It is a wonderful city. But it’s not for everyone and it’s not for everyone full time. It’s expensive. Not just rent due to the Hollywood South boom but also food, etc. Tax rates are high as the city fights to manage a massively inflated budget and combat crumbling infrastructure. Those taxes get passed along in rent, prices of goods, reduction of salaries, etc. Crime is a serious issue! It's not very walkable. It’s nearly impossible to exist without driving and owning a car. Yet insurance is extremely expensive, traffic is tough, and again, crime. There are historical layers of trauma over there, from the terrorism experienced by enslaved people, to the epidemics of yellow fever in the 1800’s, to Katrina, to current wage slavery and the school to prison pipeline. The city floods every time they experience a hard rain. The super old system that pumps water out of the city is woefully unable to provide the pumping capacity required to maintain a dry city. Also, most of the city is below sea level so it is a prime target for disaster when hurricanes strike. There are many gifts New Orleans has to offer - the culture, the spiritual traditions, the music, the food, the resiliency, the joy of dancing in a second line, the architecture, the live-oak trees, and proximity to Lake Ponchartrain. However, I would say ignore the above-mentioned issues at your peril. If someone says they don’t know what I’m talking about, then I wonder if they are paying attention 😉

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