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    2. I'm not sure if it is a right time to type this journal... Okay, it was not a good time for typing journal.😂 My boss assigned another mission to me, testing the 4G Ethernet PCIe card, and this time, he wants me to write an english report for the test. I really feel stressed about it, you know, but I will get it done well because I'm a responsible person and I can learn something from it, so, it's worth it. ....I still care too much about how people look at me. Why am I saying that? It's because when I bumped into the assistant manager in the office and he turned his head away, I felt like I was disliked. That was not a good feeling. I asked for half a day off for this Thursday. I am not going somewhere but instead will relax at home. I hope it will not be a rainy day.

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