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    2. Last year, I had a chance at the most amazing experience on the beautiful beach of Khanh Hoa Province, Nha Trang beach, with my lovely family. Friday morning, we left my for the airport and got on the airplane in order to have a fast trip. That evening, we landed in Nha Trang and moved to Vinpearl Land. The next day, we went swimming on the beach, saw the nice coral reefs and ate some aboriginal seafood. On Sunday, we went around to enjoy the beauty of the beach by a cable car. Nha Trang is such a beautiful place with endless sandy beaches and cool water, beautiful coconut trees running along the beaches, solemn and well-designed pagodas with special sculptures. We also visited some famous place such as: Long Son Pagoda, Yangbay Waterfall, and Palace of Emperor Bao Dai. I took a lot of beautiful pictures and bought some of the souvenirs. Early Monday morning, we went back home and finished our wonderful holiday. It is a really lifechanging trip which I cannot forget, so I really want to visit this awesome beach again soon." Try to find more impressive words for "awesome" and "amazing", it will make you seem like you have a great vocabulary. Everything was well written, good job.

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