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Q: What does Parenting issues mean?
A: Parenting issues= 子育ての問題

Parenting issues” means issues with raising a child.

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Q: Parenting styles are different based on each cultures. does this sound natural?
A: This isn't a bad sentence at all. It sounds a bit odd because we don't normally use the plural form 'cultures' with the word 'each'. Also, even though the word 'based' and 'depending' are at times interchangeable, in this particular sentence they are not. To use the word 'based' the sentence would sound natural if you said it like this: Parenting styles are based on the culture that they originate from.
I would say this in the following way: Parenting styles are different depending on the culture. I might also say it this way: Parenting styles vary depending on the culture.

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